Ducati Axle Adjusting Plate 17mm Steel

Corsair Industries Billet Ducati Monster Axle Plate for 17mm Axle with Steel Swingarm

CNC crafted from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized per Mil-A-8625 Type II bright dip for years of hassle free maintenance

Standard anodized finishes available in black, red and gold; custom finishes are always available

Replaces the Stamped Steel Adjusting Plate, which bends the first time you adjust your chain.

Wraps around the top and bottom of the swingarm to keep the axle plate from twisting when torquing your axle nut

Better distributes the load from axle nut over the surface of the swingarm

Matches the contour on the rear of the swingarm

Will not fit Supersports

Made in the USA

Three Models Currently Available:

17mm Axle with Steel Swingarm

17mm Axle with Aluminum Swingarm.

25mm Axle with Steel Swingarm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size axle does my bike have?
With Ducati it is hard to give a direct response based on year and model so the best solution is to examine your bike. If your axle has a nut on both sides it is a 17mm axle, 25mm axles have a single nut and a flared head
How do I determine if my swingarm is steel or aluminum?
The easiest way to determine you swingarm material is to place a good magnet on the swingarm, if it sticks you have a steel swingarm if not then you have an aluminum swingarm